New Madina Junior & Degree College

About Us

Welcome to New Madina Junior and Degree College

We believe that every individual is a powerhouse of possibilities. At NEW MADINA JUNIOR & DEGREE COLLEGE,We mould an individual to realize his/her full potential. By instilling in them right behaviour,right beleifs and right skill set required by the industry,we make them ready for corporate world.

Students are required to give presentations on chosen topics, as a part of the course. This helps them to express their views in fornt of an audience, which in turn leads to enhanced confidence and professionalism.Interactive group discussions, debate and quizzes are part of the class room learning process at NEW MADINA JUNIOR & DEGRE COLLEGE. Students learn to shed their inhibitions and share their prespectives openly.

NEW MADINA JUNIOR & DEGREE COLLEGE is dedicated to the total development of each individual student and aims at all-around balanced education, rather than mere instruction.We attempt to equip students for life and to inculcate in them the ethical and spiritual values fo life and prepare them hopeful, for commendable careers in keeping with changing needs of the nation and the ever expanding frontiers fo knowledge.

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work..

Syed Jahangir Tanveer
Correspondent / Secretary, New Madina Junior & Degree College


  • To achieve excellence and teaching and research
  • To preserve and generate knowledge
  • To cultivate resolute moral values
  • To develop and enhance human resources
  • Inculcating highest standards of knowledge
  • Constantly improving the curriculum and aligning it to meet industry needs and global standards