New Madina Junior & Degree College

How We function

The Comprehensive methodology developed by us, in the arrangement of periods, giving assignments and conducting examinations etc. Through the well-structured strategies for class-room lecturers we Channelise all the educational requirements of our students to the most optimum level.

Over the years, we have developed a scientific study package through which students acquire command, not only over the fundamental concepts but also over the exhaustive areas of every topic in the syllabus of each subject. Our courses strategies are well structured and while covering various topics of the syllabus the duration is proportional to the weight-age and toughness and hence our students need no external help of any sort during their study in our institutions.

On the basis of our scientific and comprehensive course-coverage, we confidently expect even an average Student, who sincerely follows the instructions and guideliness, can definetely make a grade in the public examinations In case of below average students, special efforts are made by providing them extra and specail coaching to bring them up to the required standards and steps will be taken to develop self-confidence in such students by close supervision and constant monitoring carried on by our tutors and feed-back from them

Our Lecturers

The successful functioning of any educational institution considerably depends on the quality of its teaching staff and the relationship between the teacher and the students has always been on the prime importance in the educational field. Our lecturers are known for their expertise in different subjects.Having brilliant academic record with high qualifications and having experience in teaching at various level. Our lecturers can easily meet all the educational needs of our students irrespective of whether they are bright or average or below average. The aim and objective of the lecturers is not only to impart information but also to enable the students to know how to make use of the information they have acquired and how to integrate the knowledge they possess. Hence by the right efforts of our lecturers not only the intellectual standards but also the general awareness of the students will be developed

Our lecturers are fully dedicated to the task of all-round development of their students and they mould them academically and morally. They impart educational values and bring out and enshrine the latent faculties of the students and equip them with all that is essential for their material intellectual and moral prosperity. As personal attention is to be taken towards each student the optimum teacher student-ratio is maintained in all our institution and any student can get clarified his / her doubts personally with the respective lecturers.